I was always the girl running around with her head cut off trying to create the ‘ideal’ life.

 I spent many years rushing to get to the next destination, spinning my wheels and burning myself out again & again. Jen Under Tree

I have sabotaged my health, my sanity, my personal relationships and the present moment. It wasn’t until I started a regular yoga & meditation practice that I realized what I was searching for was within me all along.

When I started to focus inwardly, my outer world began falling into place.

I  went from a human ‘doing’ to a human ‘being’! 

I felt less anxious and instead had a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Yoga & meditation have helped increase my self-awareness around living an authentic and fulfilling life. 

 Inspiration, harmonious relationships, a sense of calm and fulfillment.  My daily practice is the foundation of better health & creativity.

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Jen Traxel is a former law enforcement officer turned Blissology Yoga & MMI Certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive & Purposeful Lifestyle Design Coach who believes that listening to your inner voice is the foundational anchor to redefine success and discover your extraordinary path. She utilizes a yin/yang approach in her work to help creatives who are bobbing through life forge their own unique path.

Through yin (the inner) by reconnecting with their passions, developing self-care rituals and discovering what their purpose is. Through yang (the outer) setting clear intentions & goals, organizing the priority tasks in their life and ultimately taking action through clarity & heart.

Her love for animals & public service work to make lasting change in the world has led her through several career experiences in the past 10 years including being a police officer, 911 dispatcher, sea lion trainer, zookeeper, hairstylist, life coach and intuitive reader. She knows firsthand how the effects of stress, shift work and traumatic experiences can cause blockages and pain within the body and mind.

She has been on a spiritual journey guided to help others since her early teens. Canadian­ born, she is a mermaid at heart feeling most at home surrounded by nature and the sea. Her intention is to help guide others to find contentment from within themselves and find peace through a healthy, purposeful lifestyle. 

She connects with clients 1 on 1, in class/retreat settings, corporate and small groups. If you’re a creative who feels like life is passing by without any real meaning. You have always felt the pull to pursue your life’s work, but aren’t fully certain what that is. There is a lack of clarity, and because of this you aren’t taking intentional action. You are ready to feel a deeper connection with yourself and do meaningful work that makes a real impact in this world. Reach out to Jen!


One On One

Let’s work together to develop your own personal yoga & meditation practice. We’ll cover a number of ways to create a sacred space, calm your mind and connect with inner stillness.  I introduce and guide you through an effective meditation & simple yoga routine, mantras and breathing exercises. The key to the practice is sticking with it, and I will help hold you accountable in incorporating it into your daily life.  You will be well on your way with increased focus, calmness and clarity.

  • One on one catered to your specific needs
  • 60/90/120 minute sessions via Skype, Phone or In Person 
  • You will be developing your practice daily and using a journal to reflect on each session
  • Instruction, discussion and guided meditations & routines by Jen
  • Email correspondence as follow up

Meditation Intro Workshop

Take a class in Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation™. In a group setting either through a half day/full day or weekly class you’ll receive all the information you need to get your meditation practice going.  This program is ideal for any level —whether you are a beginning meditator, or want to get back on track with meditation.

It’s true that meditation can help you to find inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, better health, more self-awareness, and so much more. Each of us has our own reason for wanting to learn to meditate, and whether you want to create mental, physical, or emotional balance, or be more spiritually connected, you’ll find this meditation will help you. The mainstay of the program is breath awareness and silent sound meditation, both which direct your attention inward and help you to reconnect with your center point of peace and enhance your wellbeing.  The program includes: 

  •  An Introduction to Various Meditation Practices
  • Discovering Mindfulnessmandala5
  • Understanding the Effects of Stress
  • Becoming Intimate with the Way Your Mind Works
  • The 5 Essentials for a Successful Meditation Using the Practice of Setting Intentions 
  • Easy to use Meditation Techniques
  • Guided Meditation & Personalized Meditation Instruction
  • Discovering the Benefits of Meditation
  • Creating Your Own Personal Practice
  • Course Materials including a CD and Meditation Book

You’ll be guided in various ways to meditate, discover the basics of successful meditation, find out what meditation is and what it isn’t, and explore experiences you might have. You’ll learn a powerful, yet easy meditation method you can use every day.  The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Method is perfect for anyone, whether you are a beginner or want to get back on track with meditation.  

Stay tuned for upcoming classes or contact me using the form below to inquire for private group workshops.