Ocean Awakening

Dolphin Connection, Yoga & Self-Discovery

September 23rd-29th, 2018

You’re caught in the daily rut, going through the motions and pursuing work that doesn’t bring joy or meaning to your life.  You yearn for a more purposeful lifestyle, one that brings lasting peace & fulfillment. There’s a resistance that overwhelms you, and it’s as if you’re standing on the shoreline afraid to get your feet wet. The waves gently nudge, as they entice you to go for a swim. Should you take the plunge or stay at the safety of shore?

The tides move back and forth, as they welcome you on a new journey. The sun is bright, the sand is warm, and the water looks refreshing. You take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart and decide to make a courageous choice that’s long overdue.  You open your arms,  and dive into the ocean depths for a life changing adventure…

Join Jen during this full-moon week on an incredible journey of self-discovery to the beautiful island of Bimini to reconnect with yourself. Dig your feet into warm white sand, let the sun kiss your skin, swim in warm turquoise waters with friendly wild dolphins, relax and meditate, indulge in nourishing foods, form lifetime friendships, explore, watch the sun rise and set, laugh, cry and find inner peace as the Intuitive Mermaid guides you on a journey from the inside out, the person you are meant to be.

My own personal Bimini experience & how it changed my life…

November 2017 marked two years since I took a courageous leap into the unknown. From a career as a police officer, I leapt at the chance to begin my entrepreneurial journey to immerse myself in my most treasured passions.

The decision to close this exciting chapter in my life was not an easy one. It was filled with a lot of ups and downs, uncertainty, and challenge. It required me to trust in my instincts, and look beyond the voice of the logical mind telling me,“You’re making the biggest mistake of your life.” 

Photo by Atmo Kubesa
Yes that is actually me!

Beyond the fear, there was an excitement. I got a taste of this when I gifted myself a trip to the Bahamas in 2013 to swim with wild dolphins—something I had dreamt of doing my whole life.

When I dove into the ocean on the first day out and swam alongside these magnificent beings, I came to the realization that I had a deeper calling. I realized that the life I had built back home wasn’t aligned with who I was at my core. I knew that I would have to make some difficult decisions upon my arrival home.

That trip was the catalyst to my transformation.

Following from my heart hasn’t been easy, and there have been days that I’ve longed to return to my old life. But I can say it’s absolutely worth it. Living safe did have its benefits, but deep down there was a void. One I couldn’t hide from any longer.

Join me in Bimini where I can support your own inner transformation in creating a deep connection with yourself, nature, and a like-minded community.

A Delightful Day in Bimini:

Sunrise: Start your day with optional meditation that overlooks the tranquil bay in front of the retreat center. You can walk out of your room, and take only a few steps where you can sit in silence on the dock overlooking the sunrise.

Morning: Join us for a gentle yoga flow & meditation  in the ocean view studio. Accessible to all levels of experience, this flow will include breathing techniques, meditation, intuitive messages, energy work, and aromatherapy from Jen to relax and prepare you to meet the dolphins from a centered and peaceful place.

Breakfast: Energize your body with a delicious and organic healthy meal to fuel your day.

Free Time: Connect with yourself. Enjoy the beach, a swim, a bike ride exploring the island, kayaking, massage, intuitive reading, coaching, energy treatments, hammock reading, taking photos in nature, whatever it is that relaxes you. The list only goes on…

Lunch: Pack your own prana-filled meal from a delicious selection of salads and sandwiches to take on the boat.

Cast off: DolphinQuest catamaran heads out for dolphin encounters and playtime in the turquoise blue waters.

Everyday is different. At times, the dolphins swim along the bow of the boat—other times they stop and wait for us to slip into the water with them. They may stay a while to check us out and play, other times they come and go. Each day is a different experience.

Sunset: As we sail back to land, we can practice yoga and meditation on the boat, or discuss topics on life purpose, the inner self, wellness, and healing. Take the opportunity to have another swim, meditate, connect with nature, and visit with others from our like-minded group. 

Dinner: Savour a hot, delicious daily special back at the retreat house, cooked by an in-house chef. As an exciting bonus, one night out on the island to sample local cuisine, dance to island music and explore.

Evening:  Stroll along a starlit beach, engage in some fireside chats, book one-on-one private sessions with Jen, dance on the beach, sit in silence, sip on a glass of wine, take a midnight swim, settle down for some meditation, or just relax—do whatever you feel drawn to.

“Jen is amazing. Her genuine and honesty is what makes her real. She connects with everyone in the room by sharing herself & her story; thereby allowing us to openly share our stories. I wish the day wouldn’t end. It was a great experience. Thanks Jen. Keep doing what you do. It’s changing lives.”  –Sunny Khurana

“Working with Jen was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Her support and guidance came at a very crucial time. The things I’ve learned from working with her will last me a lifetime and I’m so grateful for our time working together. It was a total life changing experience. She helped me to develop skills and awareness that I can continue to work on and grow.” – Stephanie Deecker

Jen is such a calming spirit. She always has the right words and insight to help guide you along your path. She’s amazing with animals too! Whether it’s life coaching, intuitive readings, yoga, meditation, reiki, or an animal in need – Jen is most definitely my go to gal! 100% recommendation! – Christina Ansems

Begin Your Journey To Self-Discovery Today:

Six Quick Steps:

  1. Register Your Spot with Jen by paying your non-refundable deposit below by March 1st/2018, you can also choose the option to pay in full now. Book your spot early as spots fill FAST.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire below after you have paid. (Scroll down to fill in information)
  3. Jen will be in contact with you via email to make sure you are connected with the WildQuest team to reserve your room of choice, food specifications & payment for the small flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini & departure/airport tax
  4. Final Full Payment is due no later than May 1st/2018. No refunds are available after that as costs to the center are incurred to reserve the space. Travel insurance is recommended.
  5. Email Jen with any questions at guidance@jentraxel.com or phone 780-298-4443.
  6. Get ready for an incredible life-changing trip! I am so excited that you are joining me!

*Please note the refund policy below*

Still have more questions? Check out this page for all the important facts!

Refund Policy:

$500 USD Deposit is non-refundable and must be paid to reserve your spot by no later than March 1st/2018. If you must cancel, you are welcome to transfer your deposit to someone who would like to take your spot.

Hopefully this part isn’t necessary, but if for some reason you can’t join us, the following refunds are in place to support you:

A 75% refund on full payment (Deposit portion is non-refundable)from December 1, 2017- January 30, 2018

A 50% refund on full payment (Deposit portion is non-refundable)from February 1-March 31, 2018

After March 31st, 2018 no refunds will be issued on full payment (Deposit portion is non-refundable) as costs to the center are incurred to reserve.

**The majority of photos on this page were taken by Atmoji Kubesa (One of the directors & Photographer of Wildquest)**