“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear and has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”  -Tom Landry  

Jen came into my life at the perfect timing. I was struggling with having purpose at work. On paper, it was ideal, but want I learned through the months working with this incredible human spirit was that it wasn’t ALIGNED to what I was craving in my heart. We did exercises to understand what the gaps were. I did “homework” to really dig deep that provided clarity. She taught me to be a “warrior and fight for my scared space”. She guided and provided light to really understand what my fears were – Programming that hinders growth! Today, I’ve left the “safety” of a good job and went back to school that will allow me to truly live a purpose filled life….and I’ve never felt happier and safer. Thank you! -Aneet Deol

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Questions? You can email Jen at guidance@jentraxel.com.

Does this sound familiar?

Your stuck. Searching endlessly for guidance & clarity. You feel like you’re swimming in circles not making any progress. There is a nudge inside you, pulling at you to express, create and make an impact. You know deep down you’re destined for greatness!

But you’ve tried. You’ve put yourself out there. Taken a ton of directions and still something feels missing. Coaching has never been something you’ve considered before. Within you there is a constant pull to follow your heart, but you’re too afraid to listen to it’s courageous call…

Here’s Where I Come In…

I take this very seriously and am 100% committed to you when you decide that you are dedicated to your success. Together, we will dig underneath the surface to break out of limiting patterns & old beliefs. Through exercises, assignments, questions and challenges we will get to the core of your life’s greatest passions. We will get you past the fear in your head and find clarity around what really drives you so you can finally create tangible steps, goals and targets. I will hold you accountable, cheering you on behind the scenes while you create bold, courageous momentum forward! We will celebrate breakthroughs, massive action and getting out of your comfort zone!

Is This Coaching Journey For you?

You’re frozen in fear and can’t figure out what your next steps are. You aren’t sure which direction to go, so you don’t take any action. You are avoiding a specific change you know you need to make. You crave clarity, inspiration and confirmation. You want to feel connected to your true, authentic self. You long to feel more connection, peace and freedom in your life…

With Jen’s amazing coaching abilities I was able to find my voice and strength to make the changes that I so needed in my life. I had been trying to work out some major issues in my marriage on my own but I stayed stuck in the last step as I did not want to hurt anyone. What I was not able to do in two years I was able to achieve with Jen’s gentle guidance within a month. My whole experience with Jen was absolutely amazing. -Katherine Raines