Welcome! I’m Jen Traxel and I’m a creative, adventurous free spirit whose mission is to live a life guided from within while encouraging and teaching others to do the same. My desire is to inspire, lift up the world, and make an impact on people, animals, and the natural world through mindful and holistic practices.

I know that fear is just an opportunity for expansion and I want to positively impact other people’s lives to help them become who they were created to be. Two years ago, I left behind my career as a police officer to pursue my life’s work in guiding others to find contentment within themselves through leading a healthy and soulful lifestyle. I am now a Blissology Inspired Yoga and MMI Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and an Intuitive and Purposeful Life Coach who has a heart for people, animals and nature.

I believe that each of us each has unique gifts and talents that we should be using to not only find personal contentment, but also impact the world around us in powerfully positive ways. We need to find what calls to us and pursue it full heartedly. However, we cannot help others when we ourselves are wounded or don’t have full clarity of what we want. Finding your heart-centred path requires devoting time to self-care, healing and developing a connection with your inner self.

After all, you deserve to be a priority, and not an afterthought, option or last minute plan.

I’ve spent much of my life focused on my achievements. I always held myself to a high standard in a fast-paced world and I strove to find the perfect balance of a satisfying career, fulfilling relationships, and a meaningful life. Driven by a passion for challenge and a desire to help others, I decided to pursue a career in law enforcement, and by the time I reached my early twenties, I was a successful police officer earning a near six-figure salary and living “the life” with my boyfriend of five solid years. I was living the dream! What else could I have possibly asked for? 

The idea of becoming a cop fit my ultimate vision because it seemed noble: I had the ability to help those in need, become a positive influence in the community, and make an impact in the world. However, the training jolted my system physically, mentally and emotionally as I pushed myself to the absolute limit.

I spent six months in patrol following the first phase of training, where I experienced a first-hand look at a new and unfamiliar world full of harsh realities, negativity and darkness, and I often felt a gnawing empty feeling deep down that I just couldn’t shake as I patrolled the streets late at night. I knew something was off, but I was blurred by the disconnect I had created with myself. I was on the verge of a full burnout and I didn’t even realize it.

After many months on patrol, I graduated from the Police Academy and celebrated by gifting myself a restorative trip to Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas. I always had a love for nature, yoga and meditation, and it seemed fitting to travel away from the adrenaline and go to a place where I could quiet my mind and hopefully resolve the anxiety I felt inside. My trip was more than everything I could have ever imagined.

When in Bimini, I dove into the waters of self-recovery and self-discovery as I reconnected with myself through the support of the dolphins, the ocean and nature. It had been my dream to swim with dolphins since I could remember, and I had the amazing privilege to swim with them on our first day out. As the dolphins swam around me in the clear-blue water, an incredible thing happened: I felt an immediate surge of peace as they swam up close and looked deeply into my eyes. They saw me for ME, and for the first time in my life, I experienced what it was like to be a human BEING—not a human doing. I had never felt so clear in my entire life and the old walls within me quickly came tumbling down as a result. 

 I realized I was going to have to make some difficult decisions upon my return home, and I used my Bimini experience to draw on and find the courage to start over. From that hurting place inside of me, I began to acknowledge and listen to my inner voice instead of ignoring it, and rebuild my life on a foundation of truth. I began to slow down and realign myself with who I really was.
It started with the difficult decision to end my relationship and move into my own place so I could do some soul-searching. Just over a year later, my life began to align again as I immersed myself in a meditation program, followed later by a synchronistic match with the love of my life, who ended up being my former police partner on patrol—a person who completely supports my ambition and drive to do meaningful things in life.
These positive steps forward confirmed that I was heading in the right direction and that I had to keep moving forward. The next thing to do was make the most difficult decision of all: to leave my secure position in the police force. I knew that being in this role no longer fit, but it also pained me to hand in my badge and gun and wave goodbye to all I had worked so hard for.  

But still, I felt determined to continue forging ahead to create a life built around my greatest passions despite the fears and doubts that came up. I began casual work at the zoo as a zookeeper where I cared for the seals and sea lions, red pandas, lemurs, owls and many other amazing species.

I also traveled to different countries to continue my spiritual journey, and eventually landed in Bali to complete my yoga teacher training. My experience in Bali eventually led me to my company, The Intuitive Mermaid, because I realized I wanted to devote my life to helping others find their own unique path just as I had found my own.

Though times were hard and I often experienced moments of fear and self-doubt, I knew ultimately that I made the right decision to leave everything and start over. Although it took me a while, I had finally found and aligned myself with my true calling and am now content and at peace with myself.

My goal now points towards helping others to reconnect with inner selves and empower them to make choices from the heart, and to teach others how to take care of their mind and body, and most importantly how to trust their intuition.


You deserve to live a vibrant life.

Let’s work together to achieve it!


  Your heart is yearning for more, but the lack of direction keeps you stuck

  You’re on the verge of making a big decision but can’t find clarity

  Your sick, tired, overwhelmed & ready to make some massive change

  There seems to never be enough time for you, your health, or inner peace