Jen Traxel is a Blissology Inspired Yoga & MMI Certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Reiki Master & Purposeful Lifestyle Design Coach who is passionate for the earth, animals and nature. She believes that devoted self-care and connecting to your inner voice are foundational in discovering your unique heart-centered path. Her intention is to guide others to find contentment from within themselves through a healthy, soulful lifestyle. 

If you’re a creative who feels like life is passing by without any real meaning, you’ve always felt the pull to pursue your life’s work but aren’t fully certain what that is. There’s a lack of clarity, and because of this you haven’t taken intentional action. You are ready to feel a deeper connection within and do meaningful work that makes a real impact in this world!

Jen uses a yin/yang approach in her work to help creatives who are bobbing through life forge their own unique path. Through yin (the inner) by reconnecting with their passions, developing self-care rituals and discovering what their purpose is. Through yang (the outer) setting clear intentions & goals, organizing the priority tasks in their life and ultimately taking action through clarity & heart.

She connects with clients 1 on 1, in class/retreat settings, corporate and small groups.

I’m Jen!

A mermaid at heart, traveler, animal lover, productivity junkie, intuitive, fitness buff, creative, nature worshipper and spiritual being. 

My instincts have always lead me to the ocean, regardless of where I reside.

I work with and inspire adventurous, modern day free spirits helping them to follow their heart, burst free of society’s expectations and transform into their true, authentic selves.

To positively impact lives and shift the world’s thinking from who you should be to who you really are..

Peeling back the layers of what you have been told to do and revealing the truth of who YOU are meant to become.



  Your heart is yearning for more, but the lack of direction keeps you stuck

  You’re on the verge of making a big decision but can’t find clarity

  Your sick, tired, overwhelmed & ready to make some massive change

  There seems to never be enough time for you, your health, or inner peace