Jen Traxel is a Blissology Inspired Yoga & MMI Certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Reiki Master & Purposeful Lifestyle Design Coach who is passionate for the earth, animals and nature. She believes that devoted self-care and connecting to your inner voice are foundational in discovering your unique heart-centered path. Her intention is to guide others to find contentment from within themselves through a healthy, soulful lifestyle. 


“Jen is amazing. Her genuine and honesty is what makes her real. She connects with everyone in the room by sharing herself & her story; thereby allowing us to openly share our stories. I wish the day wouldn’t end. It was a great experience. Thanks Jen. Keep doing what you do. It’s changing lives.” -Sunny Khurana


“I’m pleased to say that my first experience with Jen was incredible! She “hit the nail on the head”! She is real, she’s believable, and she communicates her message to you in such a reassuring & comfortable way that it leaves you wanting more! Thank you for sharing your gift Jen, you are truly blessed! Xo” -Sharon Regimbald


“Jen You are a gift both as a human being and as an intuitive. I have valued greatly the wisdom you have imparted to me. You have a gentleness and kindness about you. I believe you came into my life when I really needed you and appreciate your guidance.” -Jodi-Simington-Lesanko