What if you felt at home with your inner wisdom and allowed it to guide you on an intentional path?

You may be at a breaking point and know that something needs to shift in your life. Time slips from you day after day as you go through the motions without finding any real satisfaction in what you do. You’re feeling restless; worried you’ll grow old without ever living out your full potential. Change is something you crave, you just can’t seem to shake the fear and uncertainty. The overwhelming thought of not knowing where to start leaves you feeling caught in a net of messy emotions. But what if I told you that it IS possible to create a life filled with freedom, passion and purpose?

What if you could learn to connect deeply to your intuitive voice, confidently making nourishing choices for yourself and stepping boldly into who you’re meant to be—what would life be like then?

We are given one life—that’s one life to create, grow and leave a powerful impression in this world. Everyday is an opportunity for you to step into greatness. We must make the most of our gifts and passions; we must make our own wellness a priority, learn what calls to us on the inside and pursue it wholeheartedly. But how do we go about pursuing our calling?
Pursuing our calling begins with an inward journey—creating the foundation from within ourselves. Allow me to guide you along through a journey of creative self-discovery, and help you find lasting purpose in your life. Together through holistic approaches, we can peel back the layers of what you’ve been told to do with your life and unearth the truth of who you were meant to become. Let’s break through those walls of old limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fears and let’s create possibility, courage and transformation. It’s okay to feel afraid of doing something new, something wildly different. Welcome the feeling—then we’ll conquer it!

Jen Traxel is a Blissology Inspired Yoga & MMI Certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Reiki Master & Purposeful Lifestyle Design Coach who is passionate for the earth, animals and nature. She believes that devoted self-care and connecting to your inner voice are foundational in discovering your unique heart-centered path. Her intention is to guide others to find contentment from within themselves through a healthy, soulful lifestyle.